EUMETSAT Multicast Beacon

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↓ Sources \ Recipients →1234567891011121314
NORDUNET-GEANT_EUMETSAT1 5131013810964991211
UNINETT-Core_EUMETSAT25 15121510121310611111413
SWITCH-Basel_EUMETSAT31315 56610121010991211
SWITCH-CSCSLugano_EUMETSAT410125 5379776698
SWITCH-EquinixZH_EUMETSAT5131565 610121010991211
ZAMG-CLIENT_EUMETSAT71012107105 7772276
NIIF-All_EUMETSAT89131291277 686676
PIONIER-Poznan-CORE_EUMETSAT961010710576 56665
ACOnet-Wien1_EUMETSAT1191196942666 065
ACOnet-Wien21_EUMETSAT12911969426660 65
GRnet-GEANT_EUMETSAT131113118116678855 2

Matrix cell colors: Full connectivity (ASM and SSM)X ASM onlyX SSM onlyX Loss > 15%X Loss > 45%X

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